Welcome to my website

Hi, my name is Geraldine (Gerri) for short.  I have been an energy healer and channeler since 1979.  Growing up I heard ghost stories from my mother about a home that she lived in for a short while as a child.   Really spooky!  My aunt was a toddler at the time so she had not memory of the things that happened.  I have always been very close to my aunt- she was my first baby sitter!!  I had grown up in a traditional church and I was amazed that my aunt had left the church when she married at 18.  Wouldn’t she go to hell?  She was not concerned about it.

When I was in my 20’s my aunt and I started reading books about different spiritual ideas.  We read about Edgar Cayce- the sleeping prophet, Bridey Murphy- the story of reincarnation, Jess Sterns books, Harold Sherman.  These were completely new ideas to both of us.  All of the different spiritual books talked about meditation.

In 1967 I was working for a moving company in the claims department.  Talk about high stress!!  Anyway, that was when I started seriously meditating.  The Beatles were doing Transcendental Meditation so I took a workshop and that started my journey.

I was fortunate enough to join a new age group in 1979, where the minister channeled a guide.  It was amazing!  That was my school.  We met every week.  That was when I learned to channel and I also learned that I was an energy healer.  It was a gift I had brought with me in this lifetime.  I am so so grateful for the group and the spirit guides that work with me.

I have had a few channeled sessions with Geraldine. It really helped me to understand themes in my life and has given me insight on various relationships with friends and family members.

Carli G.