Freedom from Fear

After the 4th of July, it is natural to think about freedom. Freedom from fear is the best gift we could be given. Releasing fear allows us to be in peace, to live our lives with good health and joy.

How does it happen? I have been meditating on the idea of releasing fear. It starts with being clear that our thoughts are creating our reality. It is how we react to the circumstances in our life that determines our happiness, our health and our financial status. When we have this awareness, we pay attention and when a negative thought arises, we are are aware of it and we choose to replace it with a positive thought. I know- easier said then done, but with discipline and practice it can happen.

Because we are aspects of God- our true nature is of light and love. When we focus on this thought – everything changes!! We are all here for a purpose and being healthy , peaceful, joyful and abundant is our birthright. Remembering who we really are allows us to be free from fear. We are able to express love and kindness to all.

Much Love to you all.


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