Learning peace

I have noticed recently how heavy the energies can seem. It seems so easy to become disenchanted with what we see happening around us. It looks as if hatred is the order of the day. I know this is not the truth. If I look past some of the stories, we can see that people are really good at heart and trying their best to live lives of decency and kindness.

I had an espisode recently where I felt a person had misused energy and had hurt many people by their actions. I really felt hurt and betrayed. It has taken several months for me to let this go and move on with detachment. Wayne Dyer in The Power of Intention talks about letting go of your need to be right. It can stop you from being at peace. The Buddha has a quote about if you stay angry- is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

I could read all these different quote and yet still struggle with my thoughts- because I was right! I am now looking at this as a teaching time for me, to know that this can be happening to many of us. It is really easy to forget the tools (affirmative prayer and meditation) I have to be bring peace and love into my life.

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