Our new reality.

The COVID-19 virus has been the agent for our lives to stop the normal process and slow down. Not only have we lost many lives to the virus, it also has caused financial loss. It appears to have made many of us open to new ideas, new beliefs. One thought that has been promoted is that we all in this together. I love that idea. The truth is we all always together. We all a part of the energy of life. I channel a spirit guide or angel. I have not asked my guide what is going to unfold. I want to flow and stay positive and in my truth. I want to not judge what I see unfolding. How can you not judge- right! It seems as if all spiritual teachers teach that we should not judge, so I am attempting to not judge. I’ll let you know how successful I am! I believe there will be a positive outcome to our world eventually. My belief is that most people are good at heart. I think sometimes we lose our way because of fear. At our core we are all loving beings.

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