Our new reality.

The COVID-19 virus has been the agent for our lives to stop the normal process and slow down. Not only have we lost many lives to the virus, it also has caused financial loss. It appears to have made many of us open to new ideas, new beliefs. One thought that has been promoted is that we all in this together. I love that idea. The truth is we all always together. We all a part of the energy of life. I channel a spirit guide or angel. I have not asked my guide what is going to unfold. I want to flow and stay positive and in my truth. I want to not judge what I see unfolding. How can you not judge- right! It seems as if all spiritual teachers teach that we should not judge, so I am attempting to not judge. I’ll let you know how successful I am! I believe there will be a positive outcome to our world eventually. My belief is that most people are good at heart. I think sometimes we lose our way because of fear. At our core we are all loving beings.

Learning peace

I have noticed recently how heavy the energies can seem. It seems so easy to become disenchanted with what we see happening around us. It looks as if hatred is the order of the day. I know this is not the truth. If I look past some of the stories, we can see that people are really good at heart and trying their best to live lives of decency and kindness.

I had an espisode recently where I felt a person had misused energy and had hurt many people by their actions. I really felt hurt and betrayed. It has taken several months for me to let this go and move on with detachment. Wayne Dyer in The Power of Intention talks about letting go of your need to be right. It can stop you from being at peace. The Buddha has a quote about if you stay angry- is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

I could read all these different quote and yet still struggle with my thoughts- because I was right! I am now looking at this as a teaching time for me, to know that this can be happening to many of us. It is really easy to forget the tools (affirmative prayer and meditation) I have to be bring peace and love into my life.

Freedom from Fear

After the 4th of July, it is natural to think about freedom. Freedom from fear is the best gift we could be given. Releasing fear allows us to be in peace, to live our lives with good health and joy.

How does it happen? I have been meditating on the idea of releasing fear. It starts with being clear that our thoughts are creating our reality. It is how we react to the circumstances in our life that determines our happiness, our health and our financial status. When we have this awareness, we pay attention and when a negative thought arises, we are are aware of it and we choose to replace it with a positive thought. I know- easier said then done, but with discipline and practice it can happen.

Because we are aspects of God- our true nature is of light and love. When we focus on this thought – everything changes!! We are all here for a purpose and being healthy , peaceful, joyful and abundant is our birthright. Remembering who we really are allows us to be free from fear. We are able to express love and kindness to all.

Much Love to you all.


Welcome to my website

Hi, my name is Geraldine (Gerri) for short.  I have been an energy healer and channeler since 1979.  Growing up I heard ghost stories from my mother about a home that she lived in for a short while as a child.   Really spooky!  My aunt was a toddler at the time so she had not memory of the things that happened.  I have always been very close to my aunt- she was my first baby sitter!!  I had grown up in a traditional church and I was amazed that my aunt had left the church when she married at 18.  Wouldn’t she go to hell?  She was not concerned about it.

When I was in my 20’s my aunt and I started reading books about different spiritual ideas.  We read about Edgar Cayce- the sleeping prophet, Bridey Murphy- the story of reincarnation, Jess Sterns books, Harold Sherman.  These were completely new ideas to both of us.  All of the different spiritual books talked about meditation.

In 1967 I was working for a moving company in the claims department.  Talk about high stress!!  Anyway, that was when I started seriously meditating.  The Beatles were doing Transcendental Meditation so I took a workshop and that started my journey.

I was fortunate enough to join a new age group in 1979, where the minister channeled a guide.  It was amazing!  That was my school.  We met every week.  That was when I learned to channel and I also learned that I was an energy healer.  It was a gift I had brought with me in this lifetime.  I am so so grateful for the group and the spirit guides that work with me.



Healing your body

One of the ways to heal our body is to be grateful for every cell that is working.  We can connect with our body and make it a priority to treat it with kindness.  In the morning, take a few minutes to focus your attention on centering your body with a green light of healing energy.  It will make a difference in how you feel and how your day will go!