Energy Healing

Energy healing is a process of sending energy to the person.  It is really a way to open up the centers and allowing your body to use it’s own healing energy.  When there is disease in the body it causes the life energy to be depleted.   It then can be very difficult to heal your body without some help.   When I do a body scan – I am connecting with your vibration , then I can see  what is creating the problem.    Quite often a stressful time can weaken the body and allow disease to enter.  When I give you the information, then I can send energy.  It is up to you to decide how you want to move forward.  If you are open, the energy will move in your body and start to heal you. 

I work with a spirit guide also so I do not I do not have to be in your physical presence.  I can get the information from my guide and then give it to you.  I can send you energy then.  Remember you heal yourself.   Information that you receive about your body can help you move thru the healing process quicker.