Sessions and Classes

Private Sessions

A private session with Geraldine is typically in person, unless the client is out of town, at which point the session can be done over the phone or online.
Private sessions are by appointment only. ALL readings are confidential.

Group Sessions

Group sessions are teaching sessions where the guides speak about a specific subject and answers group questions. Check the website, channeler-geraldine or the facebook page- geraldine channeler. for dates and locations. If your group is interested in booking Geraldine for a spirit-guided teaching session, please contact her directly.

Group Classes

Basic Meditation* (5 Weeks) If you are new to meditation this class is perfect for you. Together we learn what the purpose and value is for meditating. You will be introduced to different forms of meditation as we practice them.

Channeling Your Guide* (10 Weeks) Learn to connect with your guide. We all have them and they are available to help us in our lives. In this class, we will explore what energy and vibration is and how it impacts our ability to connect with our guides. We will learn about the different energy centers and practice each week to become aware of our own energy and how to control it. Each student receives a private guided mediation with Geraldine to connect with your personal guide.

Energy Healing* (6 Weeks) Prerequisite: Channeling Your Guide Learn to use energy for healing. Students will build upon what they have learned in the channeling class. Discover how to read the vibration of the body of the person you are working with and how to send healing energy to them. Learn to connect with your healing guide for a more detailed diagnostic of the person you are working with.

*All classes are:

  • limited to 6 students, and are designed to individualize the experience for each student
  • experientially based
  • in person
  • 1 hour in length